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Andrew Evans

Founder, The Optioneer System

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The Optioneer methodology is a simple strategy that allows you to apply discipline and maintain control and as such provides the opportunity to achieve your desired outcome. By following the Optioneer methodology, which generates signals based on the probability of the market direction, and combining these signals with the necessary disciplines which are taught by Optioneer, you can learn how to take advantage of selling options.


Up, Down or Sideways markets! Who cares?

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23 April 08

On March 25th 2008 the American S&P500 index of shares closed at 1352.99. In April 1999 the S&P 500 was at 1362.80. Basically the S&P has not progressed in the best part of a decade. The market has gone through many up and downs over that period but in essence has not finished in positive territory. There have been a number of static decades such as this in the last 100 years. In...

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S&P February 2008 Options Trade

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17 March 08

Total bank $17,500 Date commenced 06/02/08 Duration (days) 22 Expected net profit $1,438 ...

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